Bridal Testimonial from Kari Pearson:

September 2018

I am not your average salon client, I neglect my hair often and am known to throw wet hair in a bun for work (awful, I know). So when it came to my wedding I was a bit stressed about how to present myself as a bride.
Kari Pearson, Bride

Kari Pearson, Bride

I know that people will be looking at me, photographing me, and my husband would be committing himself to me for better or worse. I wanted to do it right. I went to Liberty (The Parlor Owner Extraordinaire) and had a semi-formed vision for my hair and makeup. She totally got me. I drank champagne and she got to work. All my fear about the process melted away and I truly enjoyed myself. She distracted me from the stress and made me feel beautiful like I never have. When she was finished, I cannot say that I did not recognize myself because I definitely did. It was me, but a highlighted me, and I felt so confident that day. My hair was better than I could have dreamed and my makeup complemented the vision for my wedding day. My guests told me I was glowing and I believed them.

I do not normally write reviews but I feel it is important to speak on behalf of women who make other women feel special and beautiful. This group of women at The Parlor do that every day. Yes, they are talented stylists, but they are so much more than that, too. They have positive leadership and that flows down to the attitude they present when you walk in the door. Not only will you leave here feeling great, you will feel camaraderie that is rare among women. Do your wedding right and allow yourself to be elevated as only you deserve on your special day. The Parlor is the place. Much love and enormous respect...xoxo ~ Kari